Learn About Diamond Doctor Scam

Buying diamond from Diamond Doctor will not give you value for your money. First off, Diamond Doctor scam is real and each buyer should be aware of the rampant over grading that takes place in this company.

Diamond Doctor scam

If you have bought from the company in the recent past, you should know that Diamond Doctor is one of the fraudulent suppliers in the jewelry market. This is dangerous to the diamond industry and buyers suffer the most in the exercise. For example, recently many buyers have purchased low-grade diamonds at the price of higher grades. Consumers, as people who experience the brunt of this exercise should voice their concerns for necessary action to be taken against the perpetrators of Diamond Doctor scam.

If supplier fails to provide accurate information about the diamonds they sell, buyers will continue to suffer because Diamond Doctor is a scam company that overgrades diamonds and sells them at a higher price yet they are actually low-grade. We should all come out to spread the news aboutDiamond Doctor scam, so that no more buyer would be conned of his or her hard-earned money.

We all know that diamonds and other jewelry should undergo proper grading process that leads to a certification. This is different in the fraud spree that has engulfed the market. Many buyers are overcharged for low grade diamonds from the Diamond Doctor. In a situation where a diamond is over graded and he or she detects, the supplier should be able to refund the buyer all the amount according to the actual grade of the stone.

Diamond certification should take place in a reputable GIA lab, where professional gemologists grade each piece of diamond and issue a unique certificate. The certificate then runs from the seller to the buyer to protect the quality of the diamond. When that does not happen, it raises many questions about the grade of the diamond. At Diamond Doctor, there is a poor process of grading diamonds, where low-grade jewelry is priced as a first-grade stone. For buyers without proper knowledge of how grading process works, they end up paying huge amounts of money for low quality diamonds. For that reason, many buyers, including me, are now disgusted by the diamond scam at Diamond Doctor Dallas.

Since all consumers are protected by law, it is advisable to sound an alarm when you notice something strange about the quality of your diamond piece. It will save you and many other buyers. Why should we pay more for low-grade diamonds? That is the question many buyers ask since the emergence of diamond over grading at Diamond Doctor in Dallas. As buyers we need to stand and report traders that con us of our hard-earned money.

If you intend to shop for diamond soon, you should be so concerned about the quality of the stone. Insist on a GIA-grade that shows the true qualities of the jewelry. Alternatively, buyers should report scammers such as Diamond Doctor to responsible authorities including the Better Business Bureau. As for me, and others that have experienced the scam, we will not shop again at Diamond Doctor.

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