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Earn Uber 5-Star Rating for Each Trip by Keeping Your Ride Clean

Now that you have an opportunity to make some ridesharing money without owning a car, thanks to friendly Uber hire car Melbourne terms, the next major concern is your ride’s cleanliness. Not only does cleanliness put you in a good position with the rental company, but it also keeps the vehicle safe, tidy, and inviting. Once you have achieved these three goals, you can be sure that all your passengers will leave a five-star rating.

So, if you are wondering how you can keep the car clean as an Uber driver, here are a few tips for you.


Since it is difficult to effectively clean and disinfect any cluttered space, the first step should be getting rid of the clutter. It’s easy to convert your rideshare vehicle into some sort of storage space for everything from loose change to receipts and empty water bottles to snack wrappers. Removing anything that you are not using from your Uber car for rent Melbourne ride makes it appear neater as well as easier to clean.

Use a vacuum

Debris, pollen, and dirt will always find their way into your car but a thorough pass with a vacuum will help remove them. Start with the upholster, shelves, and headliners before moving into the visors, electronics, and handbrake with a crevice tool. Move on to the cargo area and finish off by vacuuming the floor mats outside and vacuum the floor as well – Uber hire car Melbourne provider staff will certainly notice and offer you even better rates!

How to clean

The interior of your Uber marketplace Melbourne vehicle is made of various surfaces, so you need to use the right cleaning product for each. Steam clean the upholstery and carpeting, use a leather cleaner on leather, and wipe down safety belts with spray cleaners. Leave the windows sparkling by applying some elbow grease and glass cleaner, while an auto all-purpose cleaner can get rid of dirt on hard surfaces like panel seams, door handles, and rubber door mouldings.

Deodorize and disinfect

Since you are carrying different passengers and germs in extension, deodorizing and disinfecting is critical to transforming each ride into the safest Uber hire car Melbourne experience for your passengers. A short release of an auto odour and germ eliminator product contains contact disinfectant that kills infectious agents like bacterial and germs. Besides, it leaves your car’s interior smelling fresh.

Cleanliness preparation steps

Install a trash container to avoid trash piling up in the car and get a multi-purpose spray and microfiber towel to clean up spills as fast as they occur. It is much easier to clean up recent spills rather than trying to deal with the issue after it has had time to sink or spread and stain.

Now, repeat the steps above

Unfortunately, a cleaning job will never maintain itself, so you need to make car-cleaning a habit. Fit the cleaning steps above into your weekly routine to ensure the vehicle remains tidy and safe.

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