Sunday, April 5

Essential Steps for Teens About Learning How to Drive for the First Time

There comes a time that your beloved kids grow up, and before you know it, they’re going to take your car for a ride. As a responsible parent, you ought to teach your son/daughter when they reach their teenage year. The first step is to enroll them to a driving school similar to what the website offers. Although you can teach them the basics of driving, it is best that they learn from professionals as well.

If you want some refresher about the basics of driving, we have listed below some of the essential steps your teen needs to know before hitting the road.

Teach them about all the car features

It is best to introduce first the features and functions of the car to your teen before giving them the steering wheel. Start by demonstrating how to adjust the driver’s seat as well as adjusting both the rear and side mirrors of the car depending on their needs and comfort ability. Introduce to them the car’s dashboard and understand each function, such as low fuel, oil, and temperature indicator.

Teach them how to turn on headlights and signals. Discuss with them how and when to use wipers as well as the parking brake. And more importantly, make sure to show them where you are keeping the car’s registration, insurance card, and car manual.

This way, when they book a lesson on the website, they know a thing or two about cars.

Teach them slowly, but surely

If this is the first time your teen to drive a car, experts from, highly suggest that your teen should take his/her first drive into the safest and easiest location possible. Teach them the basics of using gas and brakes, driving forward, backward, and turning. Make sure they fully understand these necessary steps before teaching them new skills. You can also take them to an empty parking lot and teach them how to park the car properly.

Furthermore, aside from teaching them how to handle the wheel, you must not forget to inform your teens that they should pay attention to their surroundings. Make sure they are using the mirrors always and adequately look carefully on both sides of the vehicle for any object and hazards. And more importantly, they should always learn to keep a safe distance so they would have time to react if there are some sudden changes in traffic conditions.

Teach them the basics when driving in an actual highway

If your teen learns the first two steps mentioned above and you think he/she can drive on a real highway, then you need to teach them some essential things that they should always remember. For example, you must thoroughly explain to them the blind spots when changing lane. They must also be cautious when driving near large trucks and always keep a safe distance. You must also teach them to be aware of traffic signs and strictly follow all of them. And more importantly, they must learn how to be courteous with other drivers.


Driving for the first time might be scary. But with proper education and guidance, they can become a responsible driver. For more information about driving tips, visit