Tuesday, May 26

Guide to buying moving boxes

Are you moving? If the answer is yes, then you are probably dreading the headaches that come with the inevitable task of packing. Dealing with all the huge pieces of furniture, personal wardrobes, kitchen utensils can be quite overwhelming.  Getting the right boxes for your moving can help you reduce the burden of packing and help you move swiftly. The important question to ask yourself is do you know the kind of moving boxes for sale that you need? Here is a guide to help you understand the right moving boxes you need to facilitate your packing.

1.     Dish pack – Among the most stressful parts of packing has to be deciding where to put your dishes, crystal antiques and even the valuable china. This is because these items are delicate and if not packed right, they can easily attract damage. Dish packs are beneficial here for they are constructed with multiple layers of extra strength cardboard to offer extra safety.

2.     Small boxes/cartons – These boxes are typically 1.5 cubic feet. They are the smallest moving boxes for sale in the market and are safe to carry less than 50 pounds. They are also referred to as ‘book box’ and are a good choice for storing heavy items like books, small appliances, CDs or even shoes.

3.     Medium box -These are typically 3 cubic feet and are usually referred to as the ‘all-purpose’ box. They are some of the most popular cartons in the market for they have a convenient size as well as have ample capacity. Here anything goes; from pots to toys and kitchen appliances.

4.     Med-Large box – These are 4.5 cubic feet. They can carry weight of up to 65 pounds. These boxes are best for moving linens and other light items to avoid breakage of the box. Therefore, toys, utensils and other light stuff are good candidates for these boxes.

5.     Large carton – These are usually between 6 to 6.5 cubic feet. They are the largest boxes out there and are great for carrying the light but bulky items like coats, comforters, area rugs and more.

6.     Mirror cartons – These come in different sizes and are great for transporting breakables like mirrors, picture frames and glass table tops as well as valuable art works.

7.     Wardrobe boxes -These are usually large and come upright standing with bars for hanging clothes, curtains as well as draperies. They help protect these items from wrinkling on your journey. They are great for you can transfer items directly from your wardrobe into them with little effort. Unpacking also becomes quite easy.

Packing doesn’t always have to be stressful. Professional moving boxes are designed to fit a variety of household goods. They also help in ensuring the safe arrival of your valuable possessions at your new destination. While looking at moving boxes for sale, taking an inventory of your belongings first will help you determine the kind of moving boxes and the number of each you will need to buy.

For more information, you can always visit the website of sellers which sell these boxes.