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Why buy a second-hand display fridge?


Are you currently on the market for a brand new fridge, but you found the price costly? If that’s the case then trust us when we say that choosing from the second hand display fridges available out there is a good option.

However, if you’re a bit hesitant to buy a used appliance, then keep on reading. In this article, we have put together the top 4 reasons why you should consider buying a second hand display fridge.

  1. You’ll be able to help the environment

A fridge that will end up in the landfill gives off toxic and harmful chemicals and gases which will deteriorate the environment. That said, buying a second-hand fridge that is re-conditioned is a good idea. In fact, this is one main reason why many people choose to buy second hand display freezers for sale.

  1. You can save a huge amount of money

We all know that the cost you pay for a new fridge is more expensive than what you’ll need to pay for a second hand one. In addition to that, new display fridge units/models will lose their value by hundreds of dollars after using it for quite some time and when new models arrive.

By the period, a new unit will get out of the showroom, its overall cost gets devalued by 20 to 30 percent. That said, you may want to buy commercial display fridge that is second-hand.

  1. You will receive decent warranty

One of the best things about second hand display fridges is that most of them come with a decent warranty programme. As a matter of fact, some sellers give a three to six-month warranty on second-hand fridges that may include other rebates for repairs and maintenance.

  1. You can easily look for the make and model

When manufacturers release new models of fridges, it may actually take a while for these products to gain track records of their performance. But with an older unit, it is much easier to determine the best makes and models, since they have a longer track record.

Would you prefer getting a brand new fridge without having any idea about its lifespan or a one-year-old unit that is going to lasts long?

There you have it–the top 4 reasons why buying a second-hand refrigerator is a good idea. If you have decided to buy one but don’t know where to start, read on.

Tips for buying a second-hand display fridge

Set your budget

Second hand display fridges come in various price tags, depending on the make, age, and model. Thus, make sure to set a budget and look at units that have price tags within your spending capacity.

The same goes when you’re planning to buy commercial refrigerator that is new.

Measure the available space

Just like what you usually do when buying new appliances, make sure to measure the area where you are planning to put the used fridge to ensure it’ll fit. Take note, usually, second hand appliances can’t be returned. Nevertheless, to make sure that the second-hand fridge fits properly, there must be a 1-inch clearance for head space and each side.

Nevertheless, if you can’t still afford to buy a second-hand unit, consider renting one. Today, there is a lot of websites that offer a short-term hire, like Cold Display Solutions, at reasonable prices. For more information, visit https://coldsolutions.com.au/product-category/second-hand-stock/

Why More People Are Going for Rehabilitation Abroad


After you’ve committed to undergo rehab and live a healthier and sober life, the next step is to decide which facility and form of treatment to choose. When it comes to picking a rehabilitation centre, an upward trend among those seeking addiction treatment is going for rehab abroad.

Medical tourism has made it possible for more people to have access to healthcare facilities and services across the globe. Additionally, improvement in infrastructure and quality of medical service in other countries have made TNS Chaing Mai in Thailand and other healing centres in the world a more viable option.

TNS Chaing Mai

Aside from those mentioned above, here are additional reasons why more individuals seeking treatment for addiction are crossing borders.

It Provides a Change of Environment

One of the first steps of rehabilitation and recovery is to remove yourself from the places and people who can influence you to continue with your destructive habits. If you’re far away in a distant location, like in TNS Chaing Mai, they can be so much easier to avoid.

Additionally, rehab in another country allows you to explore new places and experiences. This change of environment could be just what you need to get a fresh start.

It Offers Privacy

Some people with addiction tend to feel ashamed if family and friends find out about their problem. By seeking addiction treatment abroad, you can just tell people you are going on a long vacation. And because you are in another location, there is less chance you will bump into someone you know. Keeping the details of your trip to yourself can be much easier.

It Costs Less

According to Patients Beyond Borders, several countries in Asia offer the most affordable healthcare services. Thailand, for example, can give you 50-75% more savings (based on USD), even after taking travel costs into consideration. So if you choose a Chiang Mai rehab centre, you can get treatment without draining your finances.

Rehabilitation facilities in most Western countries tend to be on the pricier side, and the expense is a major factor some people get discouraged to seek professional rehab services. But now that there are more affordable options, money can be less of a problem.

It Offers Alternative Treatments

There is no question that modern medicine and methodologies have produced innovative, progressive, and successful addiction recoveries. However, sometimes people prefer a more holistic, natural, or spiritual approach. Rehab centres abroad offer alternative treatments that some otherwise couldn’t find in their own countries.

It Makes Rehab a More Positive Experience

It is quite normal for you to have plenty of negative emotions and thoughts as you come into grips with the reality that you are going to a rehabilitation facility because you have a problem. But these feelings can change if you are able to look at your recovery in a different light.

Staying at a treatment centre abroad can feel like you are on a rehab vacation, and depending on the program, you can enjoy activities like you usually would when on a ‘regular’ holiday. For instance, you can immerse in the local culture, visit nearby villages, participate in arts and crafts classes, and so on. You can even make new friends and find a support group among fellow program participants, staff, or the locals.

As you learn and experience new things and meet people, your rehabilitation can give you more positives than negatives.

Find the Best Treatment Centre

Keep in mind that the main purpose of seeking a rehab facility abroad is because you want to recover and heal. So find the best treatment program and take your needs into consideration. For instance, think about what kind environment you will be most comfortable in, how long do you stay in rehab, and so on. This will allow you to plan your trip and choose better.

Since you’ll be flying to another country, make sure you leave enough time and money for processing travel requirements, like a passport, visa application, and plane tickets.

If you want to avoid communication problems, then search for a destination where the locals are fluent in your language. For example, if you speak English, then check out TNS Chaing Mai in Thailand. Thai people are friendly and most are learned in English, so you won’t get lost in translation.

Ultimately, your decision should be based on where you can get the best possible addiction treatment for your unique situation and needs.